Pressure of social management

The center organizing residents to carry paternity activities attract families in the community to actively participate. Respondents for Figure Elderly canteen not only solved the elderly eat difficult problem, while providing a platform for the exchange. Fu Chao Army photo Strengthen social construction, must accelerate social restructuring. We should focus on building socialism with Chinese characteristics and social management system, accelerate the formation of the leadership of party committees, the government is responsible for social coordination, public participation, rule of law and protection of social management system, accelerate the formation of the government-led, covering both urban and rural areas, sustainable basic public service system, accelerate the formation of modern society, the government's separation of powers and responsibilities clear, legally autonomous organizational structure, accelerate the formation of the source of governance, the combination of social management of dynamic management, emergency response mechanism. This is a major breakthrough in Guangdong to carry out social management innovation, to allow offsite workers personnel mutual aid organizations set up to show the government collaborative concept of good governance "guide Guangdong 36,670,000 offsite workers self-education, service and management. Provincial Social Work also focus on the social organization reform many industry associations, chambers of commerce to start the reform of the social organization and management system "to the Chief" and "de-monopolization, mobilize and maximize collaboration and public participation. The province's "fiscal cake cut each year to more than 60%, the proportion of expenditure of the provincial finance people's livelihood and career more than 70% of the people's livelihood and career. Since last year, the province every year to develop and implement the ten practical livelihood and fixed this as a normal work. While improving people's livelihood, innovative social management has also been unprecedented attention of the Party committees and governments at all levels, reform of land of southern Guangdong notes enlightening.     Reform observed in August this year, Loudi Chamber of Commerce was established in Dongguan City, Guangdong, the first off-site workers mutual aid organizations. In the subsequent period of more than two months, the of Loudi Chamber of Commerce in the Wando personnel service station has helped more than 300 people and solve their practical difficulties. From lower social organization registration threshold, the establishment of a social organization Incubation Base and special support fund, spearheaded the reform of the administrative examination and approval system to transfer the functions of the government ... and the Guangdong provincial government to seek the social good governance gait clearly visible. Party and 18 report that strengthen social construction, improve people's livelihood and innovation management. The formulation of the Seventeenth Party Congress report is to accelerate the social construction focused on improving people's livelihood. Visible from the expression changes, after five years of practice, "innovation management" was promoted to and improve the livelihood of the people "of equal importance. Under this premise, social management, collaborative Good Governance "and strive to build a new pattern of social governance, the As Social Construction Innovation 2012 annual meeting of the formation of consensus: The eighteen successful conclusion, Guangdong prompt convening of the 2012 Social Construction Innovation Annual Meeting implement eighteen Spirit. At this meeting, "the establishment of the social system compatible with the socialist market economic system," strengthen social construction, and promote collaboration of good governance is the the participants generally the focus of discussion. Efforts to build a top-down administrative and bottom-up social autonomy both separated from each other, cooperate with each other the new governance structure. "One leg shorter innovation management imminent   Reform is the root of Guangdong, Guangdong's soul. Reform in Guangdong, both Liming Road, but also to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, is tied to build a happy Guangdong. Social restructuring process, the first step in Guangdong, China's Pathfinder. The past five years, the Guangdong provincial government to assess the situation and a comprehensive grasp of the new features of the situation in the province, to increase people's livelihood and investment, strengthen social construction, innovative social management to complement the long social construction of "short leg".     The establishment of the institutions of the province, city and county levels, Social Work, Guangdong formed a professional department to promote social management innovation, and enhance the various localities and departments to carry out the execution of social management innovation.   Provincial Social Work "1 +7" File refined into 80 specific task decomposition to the relevant units. Frequent from the provincial senior research social management innovation, to the the Provincial Plenary thematic study the deployment of social construction; seven supporting documents issued from the introduction of the provincial government "decided" on the strengthening of the social construction to form a set of social construction policy framework; Social Work institutions from the establishment of the provincial, city and county levels, to the launch of the province's 1000 Social Innovation Watch project; . Party and 18 report stressed, should focus on building socialism with Chinese characteristics and social management system, accelerate the formation of the party committee leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation, the rule of law, security and social management system. 30 years of reform and opening up, Guangdong's economic development has achieved great success, and the market economy matures, but the economic construction and social construction in "a short leg, one leg," the situation. Pressure of social management, social conflicts early onset, multiple, multi-contact, low-lighted. Innovative social management mode, more than ever, even more important, more urgent. With the establishment of the socialist market economic system, must also be the establishment of a the match social system and the economic system.